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Wailing Wall, Muslim Mosque, Palestine Settlements, Fall On Us, Hide Us

Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

-God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day One Hundred and thirty-six 01/04 of the "week," prophecy 08/18, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also,

-Righteously Dividing The Enemy

Wailing Wall, Muslim Mosque, Palestine Settlements, Fall On Us, Hide Us

     "It's official, I'm in love with your belly bump, stop it, Beeth stop, that really tickle, that mean I could tickle you into a confession, what kind of a confession? What are you reading? The globe, what else, really? Be careful, I was told that's not good for you, not good for your carnal health, if you wanna stay mentally ill, and be lead around, about by demons all your life, ah my god Brave that's cold, the cold hearted truth, you mean, even BFA, files can't take it? What does my stunning pregnant wife want for breakfast in bed, in bed, are you serious? Completely, you deserve it, ah I heard mention of pumpkin pancakes and how delicious, so I bought the mixture, ok, then a batch of pumpkin pancakes with the works coming up, and juice? Ah orange juice to drink, yes, and water, and milk, you sure you don't need help? I grew up in a large family, helped mom doing a lot of the prepping, I am a genius at this, a genius huh? Yes, plus what I don't know, I just call the holy spirits this way and without hesitation, they are there, so good reading until then. Did you know about this? It is mention here that an infant Beethoven starved to death after it's parents overdosed on heroin, ok, yes, there seem to be an outbreak of such horrors, but you don't need to be reading that. That's Maaseiah's dream, this self induced scourge that equally brought America to an end, so much so to remember her magnetic memorabilia had to be crafted in this odd way. Yeah Braveheart darling again I know, the swordlike syringe, this grim reaper type creature wield at even panic, escaping  Americans, but still," reaching as he desired the article from her, or that she read something else. "You shouldn't be reading that, it's just another of Maaseiah's prophecy come to past, so you heard about the one here lately, a powerful voice lamenting, yes, again babe I know, "how all parents are to be killed by a certain date, yeah, only there is Beethoven one special date in her prophecies, well that's baring with it the greatest of judgments, October 2017. But even you Brave, have you notice that is one month later of the estimated time of departure given the Bride's escape 2015, which is the month of September. So what do you think it mean? We'll be parents soon, it mean babe what all such like prophecies mean, and believers like you and I being covered, and found worthy to escape all under the banner of Christ's love, proven in His spilled blood. It's again proof that the day of God's wrath is here, it's to target especially corrupt parents, or overseers, even leaders. Just be careful how you es pound upon God's people, any manner of falsity with predatory intentions is accursed, so you're saying plainly without question God's ending wrath is come? Yes, clearly Brave they know it, why they're at a record pace, as recorded in Revelation running to their underground burrowing down, under hide a ways, and none babe exempt. Thus choosing drug addition is just another way of choosing a deadly pleasure over bowing down and serving Jesus. As before, everybody want to go to heaven when they die, they just don't want to acknowledge Jesus is Lord over all, the way, truth and the life, doing so. Soooo, breakfast in bed remember, now put that away, actually I'm coming with you," hastily throwing covers off to her stunning, flawless, body, just as she's to stand and cover herself, again, just so expert in every tempting mannerism. "I don't want to be alone, ok, that'll work too, we'll still babe set our table in bed, and that love sound even better. Truly, Jesus is our only hope. yes, why Maaseiah saw His arrival, it's healing wings replace all the failed getting of world peace around this entire planet for centuries and centuries, Amen to that BFA, amen to that forever and ever! Even so come Lord Jesus, Amen."     >>>"No, seeming Curry I was her finance, this Regan Central, they're allowing me to remember, what a stunning play of the antelope deer huh? Yeah and just think Egan one day all carnivores, yeah including us, man, no more warmongering, just imagine that as well, yeah we'll be just like them, no more viciousness, yeah, as gentle as a lamb as Jesus is. I also remember I was a part of something unthinkably important, my entire family, I can't get my mind fixed on exactly what it was, I only know it had the ability to change the world. I can see that about you," as one coming back into the house from a stunning balcony looking out at an unspeakable scenery of wild life, mountains and starry skies. "Tall, dark and gorgeous, all with a delicious bite of mystery stirred in, just this stunning, stunning man, one day hopefully to be her Juttah husband, Egan Herenton and vice versa. "It is really merciful they're allowing me to retrieve any memory of it, they will not keep us ignorant Egan remember? I guess so, you coming? I've never worked in a garden, and especially one that overwhelming, but I'm coming for as long as Kieran lead," for as far as could be seen of this green, did he begin to reconsider an odd thing lately. "You know what?  This remind me, I had a dream the other night, this patch of green was carved out this oval shape, only it had in bold, orange characters, the number 88 just as perfectly carved into it. So what does the number 88 mean? There is said to be 88 constellations in the sky, as so was there something about Hitler's Germany, there's some none sense Curry about having an angel number, that it's even to represent this anti-terrorist act. So, an angel number? It would seem it mean you are greatly beloved, wow, the Angel Gabriel told the prophet Daniel something similar. Only Curry it wasn't just the number 88, it was the color of dark orange, so when I research it. Well strangely the first thing I see is Hamburg Germany, and I remember, this is the place where the terrorist of 911, did most of their plotting regarding those New York towers. So we're back to the meaning of anti-terrorism, to terrorist plotting, whose terrorist acts could be in comparison with Hitler Germany, yeah Maaseiah's did prophesied of seeing field after field of torture vehicles, see that's what I'm saying, though to be honest Egan, it's meaning could at one point or another, all of the above."     <<<"Yeah Nicholas but if you think about it, what country is going to have any legitimacy attacking America after it suffers a super nova/natural disaster. Seeming if it's to be seized upon by an Asian invasion, it's possibly before Trump is sworn in, I'm just saying. Something cataclysmic happen, within minutes, hundreds of years was gone from it, which in turn made the first judgment perform in the way of a pale horse. Evenly so, with many others judgments following, until the nation or world movement known as America was no more, so who or what is this cataclysmic event that happen and so very fast, even was it the great gathering of saints itself ? You not gonna eat your salad? Ah, no, I mean, I was thinking about your question, the next to happen would be the Asian invasion, that's according to your earliest of prophecies, right?" Indeed as one digging into a delicious looking green salad, even a sip of his wine glass, was the soft music playing just as mentally soothing. "If you think, it's Tiffany the second part of the attack on those towers, an enemy US soil, by an Arab enemy, then second to it was an Asian invasion and thirdly, an epidemic. As in what you're considering, an out break of some sort of a deadly bird flu to a stomach virus, that totally desolated the country that much more. That's a good memory Nicholas, I thought you hardly listen to me, it would explain Holy Spirits momentarily lately reiterating Ezekiel four. Ezekiel four Nicholas is where the people were to realize an invasion, even a seizure by the enemy was come regardless of the greatest of warmongering or religious assembly, it was perpetrated by God, Himself, meaning no chance for escape. Though they like Americans refusing to accept it, still made aware years now, they would yet be taken as those unaware of it, just plain foolishness. Still Nicholas, what was the something cataclysmic that happen first, and present technology was no more for hundreds of years of it? I'm so thinking, as was portrayed by a dream here lately, that it's an EMP, and Asia finally avenging atrocities against it sown especially by the US. So are we Tiffany saying growing tensions between Trump and China is way more serious than can be imagined, that it will begin a chain of events US soil they couldn't in a million years recover from? Only Nicholas there will be no need or place for it's recovery, by the time these Wars of all wars are finished, we'll finally be in Jesus' Millennium. And that my darling Nicholas," as one expressing herself by a ready spoon in hand, even that she's to reset her napkin, her drinking glass, "is why the nations are described behind the sounding of the seventh angel as being angry with God, He has as for centuries promised and prophesied taken over the Earth's governments. One of America's greatest sins is sexual abnormalities, why it was able to past the same sex act in the first, even the legalization of abortion earlier. Though have we really Nicholas reconsidered what these perverted practices do to us virtually? We know Jesus promised to cast marriage violators into a bed, meaning deadly environs, pathogens of a sickbed until death. Now we are Nicholas talking far beyond aids, more like Aids or Ebola both gone their most lethal, now air born? We know spiritually sin is a curse, condemnation and hell, but we know also malignancy, physical to mental decomposition is the result, even why Jesus is deemed our, the believer's healer by His Stripes. Though now something far worse, a blazing inferno of a super bug and millions and counting in only a months time horribly dead because of it. Which darling dear remind me, I talked to Kars, she Tiffany want to know one thing, when are we coming, why are we cutting these dangerous exploits of everything human being so close? I know Nicholas darling, that's why we have an assigned flight in about eight months, eight months, you sure we have that long? Well the time table, if my calculations are right, once given will not be deterred one way or another, 190 months, December 25th 2001, put it's estimated time of escape or lets say exodus. Seeming either by Christ, or by a surreal flight no later than September of this year of 2017, that gives us eight months to Nicholas persuade as many as we can. That's Tiffany regardless of being convinced of Elohim, like a prophet Ezekiel, how the people will not listen? Right, we're Nicholas to have no quarrel with them only mercy and fore warnings," as one looking all about the place, these people, how amazingly legendary this restaurant alone. "I'm Tiffany getting a feelings of urgency surrounding that Titanic movie, unimaginable horrors pending millions to be overtaken by it and they just like right now, didn't have a clue whatsoever." Why speak in parables, for they say the lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth, awake, beware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM, also see, also see,

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