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Early, The Mighty, Apb, -Article... It’s a
fact that the seismic unrest is, in part, from what is happening in the solar system and planet alignment. But consider Who controls the universe, the solar system. If you’ve been sleeping, it’s time to wake up. Prophecy is being fulfilled and intense times are closer than we realize. (I told mine long ago, even as Angel Gabriel 2004 forewarn, you can look right into bible prophecy (Da, 9-12, Rev. 17, 18), for breaking news right now and what's happening with the tug of nuclear war, as so Trump/Putin handshake, declaring America safe indefinitely. -Don't be deceived, this is the very moment early disciples were to think to believe one thing with their eyes only Jesus warn them, let no man deceive you. Of course, this especially included religious to political leaders, "there shall not be left one stone upon another," Jesus also warn. -Such is America's fate right now, and eerily the word of knowledge so recent, two consecutive times is "NOW," one as the word India years past. shown as a blinking light of caution. Is there then any wonder, I heard the cry lately, "get ye to repentant altars, God is avenging martyred blood?" Dangerously and disastrously what Apostle John witnessed was pending Revelation 6, the 5th seal, got Him, got Jesus? Awake, repent, escape, America, in this order, Apb, The RAM, see here, and

    -And I Heard A Voice Lament, 2003,  "Mark Seventeen And Seven," (the beginning to the end, NOW! US soil, targeting Millions, Trump, God's, America's Truexit, ....and a TRUMP shall sound... I Thess. 4:16-18 
     -And I Heard In My Hearing, 2017, A voice screaming "SEVENTEEN!" Bush war on the Axis of Evil, Trump/Putin World Handshake, Russia's 8.0 Earthquake, both God's Wrath and that of the Antichrist, a prophesied Millions to even Billions to die.

     -His Comments: do they let you out of your padded cell so you can make your rants or do they just slide it in on the floor tied to a chain to get it back after your 30 minutes are up?–your insane pee tann

     -Why Doeth The Heathen Rage, And the Nations Where Angry, A Resistance In Numbers Like The Sand, Squashed Immediately,

     -Padded cell? Apparently you haven't learn Jesus Christ, right now said padded cell as you say consist of a mansion, sitting on a huge green lot, surrounded by green trees, and all out door stunning things, a stunning water fall and rooms and food galore, with no cost to me at all. Oh and least I forget, when Yellowstone or it's type erupt and it or they will, I'm as of a prophetic dream, 06/26/2015-07/06/2015. That's two years to the month and date of Cameron's pending Brexit, now this populous handshake Trump/Putin spinning you all into Antichrist reign.

     -Deliciously living this dream life in the safest part of the country right now, and soon on this second by second countdown, as the nation move into a complete exodus and they will, (see the Mayans, see a yet mysterious Atlantis), we, the Righteous Bride are snatched out into the rapture, Trump, God's And America's, a Truexit, remember? ESCAPE! No wonder the Apostle Paul found it glorious to call himself a prisoners of Jesus Christ, got Him, got Jesus yet? Apb, the RAM, see here,

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The Falling, Crystal Skies

Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?                           

-God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day One Hundred and fifty-four 01/19 of the "week," prophecy 08/18, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also, 

-Righteously Dividing The Enemy                                                      

Prophecy Link, The Outbreak Of Mortuary

-Hark, I hear a voice, "2004, God said, He, possibly His Wine Press, or your little horn, or both, "will kill millions," see the rider of death, pale horse, 1996, 2001-2017
-Hark, there's a voice, 2005, "the antichrist will kill millions, as millions, go broke," see having a bear in 120 countries, 2016
-Made to see a grim reaper coming upon already stampeding Americans, overcoming them by a swordlike syringe stab to the heart, all left is an insignificant artlike manner of memorabilia hung on the refrigerator, of better days no longer, 2009
-Hark, a voice, 2016, "Kill All Parents, by, (we can only assume the target here is corrupt parents, influencing their evil ways upon their offspring threating for generations to come, alike abominations, children obey your parents "IN THE LORD)."
-Made to see stampeding people my street, as they're to react to either an EMP or CME, attack, explosion, 12/19/2016, local electrical company incapable, made completely helpless.., people of all ethnicity made immobile, just start walking further south eastward, Apb

When The Fat Man, Michael Clark Duncan Sing Armageddon
-"So you are Kieran telling us the stillness is also a curse? Clearly Ewan as all crystal skies, including America are suspicious, you know I thought so, deceived right into the end, into unforeseen horrors taking them all away and they are no more, just as Jesus said. Ok, ok you guys, I think I'm gonna, I just vomit in my throat, over share Ewan man, overshare, yeah I'm gonna be," as one moving off a crouch positon at holding his mouth, his stomach, this abrupt get away, did friends Piers, Murry get right after him. "My Christ is God, he was serious, so you're Kier telling us the calm, meaning this election, even's UK's Brexit is a subterfuge? Don't forget it's how Trump is declared a Truexit, meaning things are not what they seem, even the burning to the ground of the Whitehouse with Maaseiah this witness, then for Maaseiah to go on and witness Jesus' Millennium replace it, hallelujah I say to all of you, it. The Prophet Jeremiah, even Prophet Ezekiel after him, went through the same thing, Babylon army was come, he would take them, King Zedekiah all, their cities, people and burn them with fire, they were being warn, it's even America's own hands writing on the wall, Jer. 37:8, 1998. Instead like Trump, other western leaders, they looked to an ally that wouldn't be of any good, your God, the God of all gods is against you for judgment, 2001-2017, crying aloud angrily, "and they will know I am God," as in pound everything that is not into repentant alters toward Jesus Christ, because, I'm sorry, but whose greater than He Is? So yes, all things political is as much a mascaraed Terrance as that stunning rainbow the day of the supreme court same sex marriage vote. Clearly as though God had changed His Mind about Satan allied by black hearted men manipulating and mutating the Godman. Yeah Kieran, as the sky seen crystalizing and breaking apart and crashing to the earth destroying everything my father Soledad saw, did have, even the two crystalized Beast of amphibian origin staying the falling skies, who'd been responsible for the unconquerable delusions deluding mankind this way. What about Rev. 16:21, every time you Mohican tell that dream I'm reminded of this prophecy, "and there felled upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great, meaning you guys 75 lbs. hailstones. My Jesus Derry man, I'd not considered that, I'd not considered that at all, you also said of amphibian origin, those two crystalized Beast, right? Remember John witness demons as frogs come out of the mouth of the antichrist and the false prophet? Amphibious, I think I'm gonna be sick as well, no, it's all as Maaseiah said the Angel Gabriel did say, it's all unto fulfillment, every tittle." Learn of end times events!" A voice, 1998, awake, why speak in parables? For they say  the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth, (from human religious, to political to domestic affairs), seek Him while He's nearer than ever, Apb, The RAM, see more here,,

-Stop Being Ridiculous, all of you! Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool, (as in a brightness, a whiteness, blinding to the natural eyes, Apb). See Isa. 1:18, see also,

70 Weeks (190 months, 2001), Are Determined Upon Thy People Israel, (Thy People America), To Finished The Transgressions, (Repent, Apb),

-"Fret not thyself, but the war or a war US soil would be to end westernize civilization political edge or dominancy over this world, for the purpose of a prophesied Islamic to Antichrist rule that will bring the last week of the Prophet Daniel it's well predestined finale. I am reminded of Holy Spirits, (God's disembodied Person, Angels, The Ascended, Angelic beast, the host of heaven), telling John the Revelator, how to marvel not, they will show him the mystery of the whore which sit on many waters, Rev. 17, (sit meaning rule, waters meaning people, nations and Kingdoms), of which I witness two beast that did rise, 2008, Rev. 13, all of which is being fulfilled by every decision of political, to religious to leading men.
-Just how accurate, how proficient these end times prophecies? The prophecy of which I speak, Rev. 11:1, 2, I used to predict a Hussein White House, 2003. Of which went on in prophetic time and became a world outcry for a Hussein to reign, (see Barack Hussein Obama, 2008-2016). If this all sound familiar, just think back to when Angels Michael and Gabriel, Dan. 9-12 chapters, (, appeared to a fasting and praying for 21 days Prophet Daniel, interceding God's mercy and grace regarding his relentless to transgress God's Will for them people. A beloved Prophet of God whose angelic messenger was once forestalled by a being called a Prince (fallen angel) of Persia, with a Prince of Grecia pending.
-The Prince of Persia would uproot and replace the Prince of Babylon, as Grecia would eventually be overthrown by the Medes and Persians and so on. That's until you hear it being explained to the Apostle John, as recorded Rev. 17, how five are fallen, (see more here,, one is and one haven't yet come. This One Nation, rising into fruition with every breaking news middle eastern to Megiddo territory will be made up of ten allied nations. Those mostly Islamic, right into a seven year peace pact with it's neighbor Jew Israel, explaining why Western Leaders have been perilous to overthrow especially the Prince of modern day Syria, (Assyria), Assad, as his time haven't yet come. Instead, the Great Whore, ruling westernize civilization and all that survey must decease 2001-2017, into unrealizable cataclysms, see Rev. 18, it is the Beast of all beast who hath reign.
-Now you would understand holy spirits lamenting aloud, 1998, and I quote them, "somebody need to tell them, somebody need to warn them!" The reference here, that's to break your heart is those to be forewarn are people already assembled, equally we're talking some of the most celebrity moneyed and visited supposedly houses of worship in this country, this world, though worshipping the great whore more so than Christ's Cross, this is evidence by Christ shown with attempts at knocking outwardly at getting their upmost attention. Again the cry was somebody need to tell them, that's warn mass assembly, to get instead to churches, ministers, messages, pastors of Christ, (alters of reconciliation), to learn, again, to learn, and yet again, to learn of end times events, (biblical prophecy), for a darkness, remember the two beast of Rev. 13, 2008, I did see rise, is coming.
-Heretofore, in the midst of these ten heads, after three are compromised, that's defeated, 42 months into this ceasefire of all gone by, by what is described in prophetic scripture as a little horn. That of which will rise up among them now their leader, and though Satan can't cast out Satan, his self destruction, his overall purpose will be to rid the world of religion, beginning with Israel, Jesus' blood lineage, and for an additional 42 months he too will be highly successful. Then is come Jesus, whose very appearing will consume them flesh from bone, these vast armies right up, so western influence must, is and will decease, regardless of how well intended it's well organized political cabinets. The Beast of all beast hath reign, with Jesus' Millennium overthrowing Him and following forthright, setting up righteous rule, got Him, Got Jesus yet? And learn of end time events, See Rev. 10-19 chapters, beware, Apb, see more here,

Thursday, January 5, 2017

America, America, You Who Spit Gods' Grace Back In His Face, Escape!

Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

-God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day One Hundred and thirty-eight  01/06 of the "week," prophecy 08/18, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also,

-Righteously Dividing The Enemy

Jesuis (I Am, We Are), Jesus Christ, China's prisoner's wife speaks out, her husband is currently in prison in China. His legal work representing Christians and other oppressed people was considered a “threat” by China’s government, and today he’s serving a five-year prison sentence.
But “Sister Wong” refuses to be silenced. This week on VOM Radio she shares her story, including how her husband advised her to pray when she was finally able to visit him in prison. His prayer request wasn’t for himself, but for the church in China.
She also shares some of the passages of Scripture that are carrying her through this challenging season in her life. Your faith will be challenged and you’ll be better equipped to pray for China this week on VOM Radio.
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     "Yeah but May to open up those books of life and bring you into a ceremony of them not only being open but to involve you in a divine roll call of these specialty names being called, do you know how far removed from this planet the Bride would be by then, so you understand what I'm asking? Yeah Maaseiah, just who do they think you are? Yes and I told you Christian how the marriage supper celebration was held up which I believed caused the silence that John and I both experienced, now of a weeping severely Adonai not being pleased by the results of the Church Age so far, as so. That now indescribably crying aloud let my people go, yeah May but only after the warning how he's to strip all those leaders striping His People. Which Maaseiah take us far back into John's first arrival to heaven, further explicating this silence in heaven and why? Proving as well Father, Sia Maaseiah, the original prophecy regarding the Bride being captured out is what John is explaining Rev. 4:1; yeah, the voice as a trumpet Christian Dove crying come up here. So a call to kill all parents by a certain date is similar Maaseiah to the slayers Ezekiel witness being summoned from the higher gate north. Who were to then target and kill all those not marked by the ink-horn man, remember May the census taking you also took part of lately as a few months passed? Said it was physically over-whelming, I'm as well Sia reminded of the death angel doing the ten plagues of Egypt who were to target only a specific group, those first born. not marked or covered in Lamb's Blood, whom Jesus alone is. Yes, Spirit, yes, it's basically the same thing only now we're talking all perverted to abusive p for pedophiles, presidents, popes, politicians, pastors, parents and people, meaning we're not to be surprised who just suddenly drop dead, truly like never before, repent or perish! I bet you haven't even notice, knowing you Maaseiah, notice what? I'm sorry, John's Revelations, how they are having a form of glorious re validation by these same Holy Spirits even as they Maaseiah, anoint you. Is that father why there is right now so much worthy to note ever breaking news about Israel, just this plethora of troubles? When doing the majority of Obama's Administration there was hardly anything, yeah, but Spirit you have to remember, the two weeks and seven years of a timetable awarded Obama's Administration, even a country who was targeted for the kill 2001, expired 07/2015, now on to greater than these desolations and that's while no one is paying this breaking of phenomena news any attention. Meaning it's all more a beast system, leaning toward the fulfillment of Daniel's final week explaining why Israel was called into the synchronization of biblical scripture about six years ago this year, Feb. 16, 2011 and why Maaseiah has seen both the rise and fall of this beast right into Jesus' Millennium. So you can't fulfill John's Revelations without as well fulfilling Daniel's to Ezekiel Prophecies, as so Spirit, a couple of others, God's Mysteries fulfilled as promised. Yes, of which is also the fulfillment of why Gabriel, without going into unending details simply said "the fulfillment of all things is upon mankind," so say the seventh Angel, it what Jesus meant when he declared this generation will not past away until all is fulfilled, with Gabriel meaning we are it.  So Maaseiah, what did you think of him, of Gabriel, of him appearing to you like so? First Dove, I mean not only is Revelation 17 wide open and leaning into Daniel 7-12th chapters and Ezekiel 38, 39th chapters, all having caught up with real time. Clearly I know that's scary, get in Christ. Though you guys, what's even more concerning, what even spiritual and none spiritual procrastinators are forewarning, is that the worse of times ever in mankind's history or ever again is all tittering fright- fully on a Revelation 18 scenario, beginning here, US soil, into the fall of the greatest whore system since Adam's fall, itself, that's having lead millions into damning desolations. what did Jesus fore warn, how all gone before were thieves and robbers? As so Spirit River it all has The equivalent of the Angel Gabriel, with Michael's assistance once held back by the Prince of Persia, with the Prince of Grecia pending. All territorial spirits, holy, unholy like now being moved into their assigned order of God's Will, even His Wine-press crying aloud, see thou hurt not the oil and wine; this world's leaders were never, ever in control, and according to Rev. 17:12-18, of which I which I witness rise into fruition 2001-2017, just as America was no more, God always has been the Puppeteer of all of them. Now to answer your question, I felt sorrow, God forgive me, that Elohim's throne after 6000 years of ministering the woman's seed, Jesus' Cross, yet had to go to such measures, only to realize later, this is God's character of mercy not willing that any perish; so shall it be you guys, right into the most dreaded great white throne of judgment, well said Maaseiah, so well said. So why Maaseiah, why did the stone cut out without hands Nebuchadnezzar did see and Daniel interpreted have the surface of a meteor? I assume Spirit because all those stone falling from heaven does, the Antichrist murderer it did say it was, wow, so you think it's this Nibiru thing? The timing Spirit just can't be coincidental, it or some form of it has to be a demonstration of what I saw, but you saw the Bride release it, the Bride is still here, the Bride is only here in a physical sense, this out reach, laborer unto the harvest field, but spiritually we've been seeing the bride reigning in heaven by the twenty-four elders since John spoke those now famous words, "I heard a voice, like a trumpet saying, come up here, plainly She like her Lord is about the father's business! The Spirit and Bride sayeth come for two thousands years now. I you guys been trying to explain hearing 99 bowls of molten lava, I can't help but remember the ring of fire dream that was brought to my attention and that an eye be kept especially on Hawaii. I did a couple years past see the country completely cover in red, and three exodus now which involved the streets Dunlap, Granada and here recently, Spring Morning, spring morning? Yes, Duck pond, even a, Intrepid auto wearing the tag 2017, okay, Dunlap, but involving a dream regarding President Obama, and later, first lady Obama, as so here here, a Mayan represent-ative, I understand, as in time done lapse, Spring Morning, Intrepid, are all indicative of the demonstration of the Christ of resurrection 1986, removing the Bride out, but Granada? Evacs into a sealed southern border, so I research Granada, even where its mentions the year 2005, the very year you guys of this mass exodus I saw. Granda regards Spain, as in the original Spanish language of  Mexico, Granada, same spelling, is said to be the capital city of the province of Granada, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain. That it is located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, at the confluence of four rivers, the Beiro, the Darro, the Genil and the Monachil, which is curious seeing most will escape by or on water, and how it sits at an average elevation of 738 meters above sea level, yet is only one hour by car from the Mediterranean. It being accessed by sea, and having an elevation as this, is most interesting. Granada is also a city in Nicaragua, other that this, I mean these people weren't just being evacuated and soon return, no each time, it was about an evacuation out of America, explaining the slow motion exodus I witness the entire country participate in and arrive you guys by another dream off the coast of African  countries, as American refugees. All the indication May that America is no more, all need to escape, I'm beginning to realize Christian that was by the Mayan Calendar of 2012. I believe we'll watch it all disappear from existence, but from up there, per our, the Brides intercessory prayer, will you please Cros, stop that, stop reading my mind, I mean I feel that as well, well to be honest, the last demonstration of rapture, remember, we stayed in the heavens this visitation, and we watched all performances on this earth, one of which involved nuclear bombs being launched, and it's all just a mightier than ever curse for all who can't see it.  May think back with me, the beginning of your ministry, when you testified of being brought by Holy Spirit into the same exodus and lead along the same winding path where Moses and Hebrews had been, there you go again Cros, reading my mind, I was thinking of that as well, my God is Christ, the miracles of being heir to God's Throne is already happening to us, surely May, you've already seen Her, in reign and position to end all things rebellious man."

     There is a way that seem right unto man, but the end thereof is the way of death, (Pro. 14:12)
     And a highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called The way of holiness," (Isa. 35:8)
     I Am the way, truth and the life, no man cometh to Father, except by me, (Jesus, John 14:6), praise be to God, Our Holy Father, Amen

Wailing Wall, Muslim Mosque, Palestine Settlements, Fall On Us, Hide Us

Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

-God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day One Hundred and thirty-six 01/04 of the "week," prophecy 08/18, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also,

-Righteously Dividing The Enemy

Wailing Wall, Muslim Mosque, Palestine Settlements, Fall On Us, Hide Us

     "It's official, I'm in love with your belly bump, stop it, Beeth stop, that really tickle, that mean I could tickle you into a confession, what kind of a confession? What are you reading? The globe, what else, really? Be careful, I was told that's not good for you, not good for your carnal health, if you wanna stay mentally ill, and be lead around, about by demons all your life, ah my god Brave that's cold, the cold hearted truth, you mean, even BFA, files can't take it? What does my stunning pregnant wife want for breakfast in bed, in bed, are you serious? Completely, you deserve it, ah I heard mention of pumpkin pancakes and how delicious, so I bought the mixture, ok, then a batch of pumpkin pancakes with the works coming up, and juice? Ah orange juice to drink, yes, and water, and milk, you sure you don't need help? I grew up in a large family, helped mom doing a lot of the prepping, I am a genius at this, a genius huh? Yes, plus what I don't know, I just call the holy spirits this way and without hesitation, they are there, so good reading until then. Did you know about this? It is mention here that an infant Beethoven starved to death after it's parents overdosed on heroin, ok, yes, there seem to be an outbreak of such horrors, but you don't need to be reading that. That's Maaseiah's dream, this self induced scourge that equally brought America to an end, so much so to remember her magnetic memorabilia had to be crafted in this odd way. Yeah Braveheart darling again I know, the swordlike syringe, this grim reaper type creature wield at even panic, escaping  Americans, but still," reaching as he desired the article from her, or that she read something else. "You shouldn't be reading that, it's just another of Maaseiah's prophecy come to past, so you heard about the one here lately, a powerful voice lamenting, yes, again babe I know, "how all parents are to be killed by a certain date, yeah, only there is Beethoven one special date in her prophecies, well that's baring with it the greatest of judgments, October 2017. But even you Brave, have you notice that is one month later of the estimated time of departure given the Bride's escape 2015, which is the month of September. So what do you think it mean? We'll be parents soon, it mean babe what all such like prophecies mean, and believers like you and I being covered, and found worthy to escape all under the banner of Christ's love, proven in His spilled blood. It's again proof that the day of God's wrath is here, it's to target especially corrupt parents, or overseers, even leaders. Just be careful how you es pound upon God's people, any manner of falsity with predatory intentions is accursed, so you're saying plainly without question God's ending wrath is come? Yes, clearly Brave they know it, why they're at a record pace, as recorded in Revelation running to their underground burrowing down, under hide a ways, and none babe exempt. Thus choosing drug addition is just another way of choosing a deadly pleasure over bowing down and serving Jesus. As before, everybody want to go to heaven when they die, they just don't want to acknowledge Jesus is Lord over all, the way, truth and the life, doing so. Soooo, breakfast in bed remember, now put that away, actually I'm coming with you," hastily throwing covers off to her stunning, flawless, body, just as she's to stand and cover herself, again, just so expert in every tempting mannerism. "I don't want to be alone, ok, that'll work too, we'll still babe set our table in bed, and that love sound even better. Truly, Jesus is our only hope. yes, why Maaseiah saw His arrival, it's healing wings replace all the failed getting of world peace around this entire planet for centuries and centuries, Amen to that BFA, amen to that forever and ever! Even so come Lord Jesus, Amen."     >>>"No, seeming Curry I was her finance, this Regan Central, they're allowing me to remember, what a stunning play of the antelope deer huh? Yeah and just think Egan one day all carnivores, yeah including us, man, no more warmongering, just imagine that as well, yeah we'll be just like them, no more viciousness, yeah, as gentle as a lamb as Jesus is. I also remember I was a part of something unthinkably important, my entire family, I can't get my mind fixed on exactly what it was, I only know it had the ability to change the world. I can see that about you," as one coming back into the house from a stunning balcony looking out at an unspeakable scenery of wild life, mountains and starry skies. "Tall, dark and gorgeous, all with a delicious bite of mystery stirred in, just this stunning, stunning man, one day hopefully to be her Juttah husband, Egan Herenton and vice versa. "It is really merciful they're allowing me to retrieve any memory of it, they will not keep us ignorant Egan remember? I guess so, you coming? I've never worked in a garden, and especially one that overwhelming, but I'm coming for as long as Kieran lead," for as far as could be seen of this green, did he begin to reconsider an odd thing lately. "You know what?  This remind me, I had a dream the other night, this patch of green was carved out this oval shape, only it had in bold, orange characters, the number 88 just as perfectly carved into it. So what does the number 88 mean? There is said to be 88 constellations in the sky, as so was there something about Hitler's Germany, there's some none sense Curry about having an angel number, that it's even to represent this anti-terrorist act. So, an angel number? It would seem it mean you are greatly beloved, wow, the Angel Gabriel told the prophet Daniel something similar. Only Curry it wasn't just the number 88, it was the color of dark orange, so when I research it. Well strangely the first thing I see is Hamburg Germany, and I remember, this is the place where the terrorist of 911, did most of their plotting regarding those New York towers. So we're back to the meaning of anti-terrorism, to terrorist plotting, whose terrorist acts could be in comparison with Hitler Germany, yeah Maaseiah's did prophesied of seeing field after field of torture vehicles, see that's what I'm saying, though to be honest Egan, it's meaning could at one point or another, all of the above."     <<<"Yeah Nicholas but if you think about it, what country is going to have any legitimacy attacking America after it suffers a super nova/natural disaster. Seeming if it's to be seized upon by an Asian invasion, it's possibly before Trump is sworn in, I'm just saying. Something cataclysmic happen, within minutes, hundreds of years was gone from it, which in turn made the first judgment perform in the way of a pale horse. Evenly so, with many others judgments following, until the nation or world movement known as America was no more, so who or what is this cataclysmic event that happen and so very fast, even was it the great gathering of saints itself ? You not gonna eat your salad? Ah, no, I mean, I was thinking about your question, the next to happen would be the Asian invasion, that's according to your earliest of prophecies, right?" Indeed as one digging into a delicious looking green salad, even a sip of his wine glass, was the soft music playing just as mentally soothing. "If you think, it's Tiffany the second part of the attack on those towers, an enemy US soil, by an Arab enemy, then second to it was an Asian invasion and thirdly, an epidemic. As in what you're considering, an out break of some sort of a deadly bird flu to a stomach virus, that totally desolated the country that much more. That's a good memory Nicholas, I thought you hardly listen to me, it would explain Holy Spirits momentarily lately reiterating Ezekiel four. Ezekiel four Nicholas is where the people were to realize an invasion, even a seizure by the enemy was come regardless of the greatest of warmongering or religious assembly, it was perpetrated by God, Himself, meaning no chance for escape. Though they like Americans refusing to accept it, still made aware years now, they would yet be taken as those unaware of it, just plain foolishness. Still Nicholas, what was the something cataclysmic that happen first, and present technology was no more for hundreds of years of it? I'm so thinking, as was portrayed by a dream here lately, that it's an EMP, and Asia finally avenging atrocities against it sown especially by the US. So are we Tiffany saying growing tensions between Trump and China is way more serious than can be imagined, that it will begin a chain of events US soil they couldn't in a million years recover from? Only Nicholas there will be no need or place for it's recovery, by the time these Wars of all wars are finished, we'll finally be in Jesus' Millennium. And that my darling Nicholas," as one expressing herself by a ready spoon in hand, even that she's to reset her napkin, her drinking glass, "is why the nations are described behind the sounding of the seventh angel as being angry with God, He has as for centuries promised and prophesied taken over the Earth's governments. One of America's greatest sins is sexual abnormalities, why it was able to past the same sex act in the first, even the legalization of abortion earlier. Though have we really Nicholas reconsidered what these perverted practices do to us virtually? We know Jesus promised to cast marriage violators into a bed, meaning deadly environs, pathogens of a sickbed until death. Now we are Nicholas talking far beyond aids, more like Aids or Ebola both gone their most lethal, now air born? We know spiritually sin is a curse, condemnation and hell, but we know also malignancy, physical to mental decomposition is the result, even why Jesus is deemed our, the believer's healer by His Stripes. Though now something far worse, a blazing inferno of a super bug and millions and counting in only a months time horribly dead because of it. Which darling dear remind me, I talked to Kars, she Tiffany want to know one thing, when are we coming, why are we cutting these dangerous exploits of everything human being so close? I know Nicholas darling, that's why we have an assigned flight in about eight months, eight months, you sure we have that long? Well the time table, if my calculations are right, once given will not be deterred one way or another, 190 months, December 25th 2001, put it's estimated time of escape or lets say exodus. Seeming either by Christ, or by a surreal flight no later than September of this year of 2017, that gives us eight months to Nicholas persuade as many as we can. That's Tiffany regardless of being convinced of Elohim, like a prophet Ezekiel, how the people will not listen? Right, we're Nicholas to have no quarrel with them only mercy and fore warnings," as one looking all about the place, these people, how amazingly legendary this restaurant alone. "I'm Tiffany getting a feelings of urgency surrounding that Titanic movie, unimaginable horrors pending millions to be overtaken by it and they just like right now, didn't have a clue whatsoever." Why speak in parables, for they say the lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth, awake, beware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM, also see, also see,

Monday, January 2, 2017

Every Body Sing Joyyyy, To The World, Sing Joy, To The World. Let Heaven And Nature Sing

Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

-God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day One Hundred and thirty-five 01/02 of the "week," prophecy 08/18, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also,

-Righteously Dividing The Enemy

     -Like Watching Noah's Ark, "Mark 17 and 7," like the days of Noah, Jesus, Mat. 24, and there was silence in heaven, Rev. 8:1, my prayer closet 1993, my people perish, GOH, Apb


    -A Voice Declaring: "Kill all parents by, I pause here as I don't remember clearly the date, 2015 is past, we're in 09/21 of 2016, with something in the form of an ELE US soil, by Oct. 2017, this way coming, beware, Apb, see also

     -Made to see stampeding people my street, as they're to react to either an EMP or CME, attack, explosion, 12/19/2016, local electrical company incapable, made completely helpless.., people of all ethnicity made immobile, just start walking further south eastward, Apb ,

The Triple Threat, Trump, Mountains, Bunkers, Alex Jones, Fall On Us, Hide Us

     -And Christmas songs beautifully welcoming Jesus return His Earthly Home, peace on earth, good will to man are blasting my ears with renewed fascination. I'm talking as of again this morning, that as I sit writing Whitney Houston's song, which wasn't one of my favorite, not even close, still her versions of Joy To The World, is setting ablaze my ears.
     -Remarkably, just as the earth gravity pulls reacts to a nearing planetary body, like what is being described of Planet X, as so Niribu, making the earth so unstable. It would seem the same can be said about Jesus, and the number of Heavenly Host allying him. Which is to finally bring the Bride to her assigned heavenly post, we know according to Scripture Michael will be there, as the voice of the Archangel will sound.
     -Now. well although in folklore this angel is described as Gabriel who upon his visit to me, this end time Apostle, mention a seventh Angel. I know this, I did witness a trumpet being passed off to the man Gabriel, and a Trump of God will sound. Coincidentally or perhaps not, just as America, the Free World place a Trump in the White house, their equally failed savior, beware, it too is an act of divinity that all the world escape a cursed, judged and sentenced Westernized Civilization, this Truexit, be very aware of this!
     -Incredibly even of what I saw, she being risen to position of heaven's throne and at the time in the possession of the stone cut out without hands, it having a surface of a meteor. This is why Jesus' reappearing is described as being with the stars of heaven, and with a brightness that will consume the majority of Gog and Magog armies at the first, why the release of this specialty stone, was then described as the Antichrist murderer. That's stars of heaven, as in the planetary bodies of the universe, which would evenly explain one of my earliest of visions of seeing Jesus name inscribed in the middle of two scientific equations.
     -This end time apostle, whose been seeing this, various demonstrations of Christ the Bridegroom coming for the Bride, the first of which, as is prophesied. He, Himself appeared in the heavens to me. Spring 1986, so that's these thirty years last spring, the message then, He's coming again, the message now, 02/17/2015, just as 21 male Christian were being behead, He's on His way here.
     -Again, Jesus come for the Bride is no longer pending, He's here, and we're only a call from this Specialty Savior, a cry from His Protege the Archangel Michael, and a blow by this Phenom of a Messenger Gabriel, on Elohim's Trump. One I assure you loud enough to wake the dead right out of their righteous graves, I've heard it be quite deafening, awake, beware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM, see here,